The name given to the manager selection and placement system worldwide is the Executive Search Consultants. About 50-60 years executive search consultants has for time been a very specialized management form of consulting, where firms can identify and secure the leading candidates.

With this methodology, Human Resources consultants find out the managers they need and place them in positions. The managerial selection work, which is a systematic and disciplined working adventure, is carried out professionally byHuman Resource specialists and executive search consulting companies.

Why executive search
In a global economy system, companies need to be strong in the face of competition, to survive
economic fluctuations and most importantly to ensure that every staff member and manager, from the lowest tier to the top tier, do their job perfectly so that they are not shaken by internal problems. In such a fast-paced system, itis of course one of the biggest problems for companies to find a manager with the leading edge to manage the business. The manager selection and placement system or executive search consultants comes into play at this point, bringing together the middle and senior managers that they need in the same environment with the organizations.

HowDoes Executive Search Service Work?
Executive search consultants set out and investigate the executive criteria that companies need.

Once the requested managers are found, the number of candidates is reduced by conducting individual meetings. In this case, important information such as the managers’ communication background including the communication is not shared with the companies. As is the case with the managers, the information of the companies is also limited to the manager candidates.

Confidentiality is maintained regardless of the result with the interviewed managers. Appropriate managers or managers are then referred to the companies once they are identified. A career plan is created for interviewed executive candidates and placed in the most appropriate position within the company. Administrators and companies are constantly informed about the process. It is sensitive in terms of quick results.

Getting an Executive Search service ensures that companies get quick results. In the case of an application with the old method, if you get an application, you will lose hundreds of applications and all the candidates will be put into the evaluation process and you will lose the time. Human Resource Consultancy providing executive search consultants service gives you both practical and more efficient results.

The consulting companies that provide service in this direction have positive results for both sides since they do not only find the managers but also determine the position within the company.