Microsoft HoloLens

Although VR and have been present for some time now, they have recently attracted the attention of ordinary people. VR crash at this time and its content and hardware development are difficult to view.

In short, content creators have made good progress in writing stories with this new technology. Companies, movie studios, gambling agencies, and information companies tend to reduce this device and station.VR dominated in 2016, but my money on AR is a major technology in our daily lives.Immersive VR is for content. The New York Times has recently distributed more than a million Google box to its top members. YouTube and Facebook enable VR-Online through top video players. Everything that is being done is worth the benefits that VR will bring as it covers important issues during the year.

VR is a base that guarantees client’s attention to the contents. No stops no browsing emails or instant messaging, and no online update. VR is a compelling way to explain the story because what is happening in this head makes you feel something in the head, heart and stomach.However, the high quality of the VR is also its most common defects. The idea of ​​communicating through VR distracts customers from interacting with their environment. Removes from opportunities. They can not walk and see what’s right for them, look at individuals without hitting flinching or reading the secret of a person. VR is a powerful way to get content, but it is not proud of how it affects the truth.

VR and AR are working on our reality – but AR enables them when the VR guides us. In addition, this is a major problem for the VR. Content is better, no security and giving encounter with immersive is a sacred tool in public relations. In any case, VR will never be an unnecessary part of our daily life.The actual purpose of the ad is not to disrupt our orders or meet to give them the motivation for the brand. VR has begun to change how we view the content, but it will never be the kind of technology we enter on our daily routes.

AR is in the real world
AR adds logical information rates for our real-time meeting. We predicted this later in Hollywood movies, like Avatar, Reports, Iron Man and Wall-E. This decision has proved to be true.However, AR has trouble with its implementation, which tends to change. Remember, your mobile phone is a publishing and to get quality content? Google Glass showed some of the incoming AR programs, but due to the fact that equipment and technology were increasingly expanding and scary the consumer’s problem was trying to understand, they were frustrating. These models have shown AR’s promise but failed to convey logical use.

All in all, the future is brilliant for AR and several tech organizations performing AR donations. Microsoft takes Headset glasses for HoloLens AR. Configuration tools are expected to be released in mid-2016. Google puts resources on a company named Magic Leap, which internal technology is asking in the iris of the observer to activate AR. This future will be the reality during the year.Both VR and AR are working on our reality – but AR improves, while VR rescues us, that’s why the last step has taken place and the promise of logic data for consumers and profits of users.