Radio frequency identification is termed as RFID. It is a technology that is in use across many business sectors. It has a variety of applications that may bring a lot of advantages to businesses. RFID technology has modernized the retail industry. In this article, I shall provide some basic understanding of RFID retails and its different applications for a variety of businesses.

What is RFID?

Rfid resembles a bar code system to some extent. Its codes do not use an optical scanner to read the bar codes, but instead, it uses radio waves to read the data that is coded on small chips. These chips are known as tags. With the help of this technology, we have more benefits than traditional bar code system.

Working of RFID

Rfid works through sending radio signals between a reader and a tag. Reader releases the signal when it finds a tag in its range. It receives the data and enables the reader to identify the details and get all related data that it has. Each tag has a specific code, and a reader is capable of communication with multiple tags at the same time.

There are different forms and types of readers. It includes handheld scanners, control door scanners and mobile phones. 

The tag is a chip that can be embedded in various systems of smart cards. There are two types of tags. A passive tag is powered by radio waves which a reader sends it.

 Active tags are fitted with their battery. Active tags may operate over longer distances.

The data which is collected from tags may be transferred through a cable or wireless to different computer systems. These systems process the data and take necessary action.

The RFID comes with some fantastic advantages. In the retail sector, especially it plays an important role.

Advantages of RFID in retail

  • RFID prevents theft of assets. You can track your assets using the technology.
  • Supply chain applications use RFID for item-level tagging. It gives them complete control over products.
  • RFID enables retailers to manage stocks.
  • For interactive advertising, businesses use RFID.
  • It makes cashless payments easy
  • The checkout process is made simple through RFID.
  • You have enhanced security with RFID application.

In short, RFID is the future of the retail business. Its application has made different aspects of business much more accessible.