3D CAD Software is technology that is used by designers to convert their ideas and designs into formats that can be visualized. You can be able to recreate your designs and edit them on your computer with the help of the software. You can also share your completed designs with other people and get their inputs. CAD in full stands for ‘Computer Aided Design,’ which in a way explains everything the software does. It aids the designer and simplifies the design process.

So now that we know what 3D CAD Software is, the next question is, who needs it? The answer to this question is simple. Every designer who wants to take his design work to the next level, and to save a lot of time doing so, needs the help of a 3D CAD Software. Traditionally, architects, engineers and artists, in general, used to do all their work by hand. This has changed. There are many different types of CAD software out there, built specifically for designers in different professions. There is Architectural design software, which aids architects in their building designs. There is also 3D Modeling software. 3D Modeling software is a branch of CAD. Modelling packages are used by artists to create organic forms, typically used in 3D animations, video games or movie effects.

When 3D CAD Software is used, one only needs to draw their design in 2 dimensions, then the software converts it to 3D. The beauty of it is that the software can produce both 2D drawings and 3D models. This can be especially convenient for professionals like architects and engineers, who need plan drawings, sections and elevations of their designs in order to build them in the real world.

There are several examples of top-notch 3D CAD Software. They can either be free, freemium or paid software. The capabilities vary, and they are typically built for either beginners, intermediates or experts. If you are just starting out on the journey towards learning computer-aided design, we would suggest you start with a free beginner software. That said, the most popular 3D CAD Software include, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, AutoQ3D, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D Max, Blender, Flux, Modo, Rhinoceros 3D, SketchUp, Truespace and Zbrush. These are just a few of the hundreds of both free and paid 3D CAD software available for anyone interested in Computer Aided Design.

Finally, what can 3D Software do? The fact that you can draw lines in 2D and have them converted to 3D is amazing. However, that is not all that 3D CAD software can do. With the help of these platforms, architects and designers can conceptualize and come up with entire buildings, estates or even towns, which can then be built in the real world! And the result will be exactly as designed on the computer! The city of Dubai was conceptualized on a computer and built to the level it is at today, all within 20 years! Similarly, artists and animators can create entire movies with the help of computer-aided design. We have all watched and fallen in love with the classics, like Shrek and Toy Story. It is hard to imagine that these were created from scratch entirely on a few computers!

In conclusion, the marvels of 3D CAD Software are immense. If you are interested in taking up a career in the field, or you just want to study it as a hobby, then by all means, please do so! You will not regret it. A bonus is, people with 3D CAD skills are very marketable, and they can harness their skills to earn a pretty penny.